The InfraGard secure website provides members with information about recent intrusions, research related to critical infrastructure protection, and the capability to communicate securely with other members.

Dialog and Timely Communication 

The goal of InfraGard is to promote ongoing dialogue and timely communication between members and the FBI. InfraGard members gain access to information that enables you to protect your assets and in turn dialog with government to facilitate its responsibilities to prevent and address terrorism and other crimes.

Situational Awareness

Learn and increase information sharing among InfraGard members and the FBI regarding incoming threats to your critical infrastructures, vulnerabilities.  Obtain briefings on counterterrorism, cyber crime and other major crime programs.

Education and Classes

Attend classes and gain inside value-added threat advisories, alerts, and warnings. Particiate in forums for education and training on counterterrorism, counterintelligence cyber crime and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation and U.S. interests.